To all visitors

  • ●We will be checking your temperature before admission.
  • ●If you are experiencing dizziness, fatigue, trouble with breathing, temperature over 37.5℃(*) you will not be allowed admission. We will not refund any ticket fees in case of denied entry.
    *Individual differences will be taken into consideration on site.
  • ●Please register in the Kyoto City Coronavirus Exposure Tracking Service.
    You will not be able to enter without the registration confirmation.
  • ●Please always wear a mask while in the venue. While waiting outside of the venue to prevent heat strokes take the mask off if needed.
  • ●Please refrain from attending the event if in the previous 10 days you experienced any of the below cases:
    • chills or fever
    • cough, sore throat, problems with breathing
    • close contacts with someone infected or while under the quarantine order
    • coming from outside of Japan in the previous 2 weeks (had contact with such person)
    • feeling unwell in any other way (experiencing dizziness, loss of taste or smell, muscle pain)
      We will not refund any ticket fees in case of the above reasons.
  • ●The ventilation will be in operation and all doors will remain open.
  • ●Wash your hands regularly or use the alcohol-based hand rub provided at the venue. Follow the coughing etiquette. The hand rub will be available at all the entrances to the venue.
  • ●Keep a distance to other visitors while moving around the venue.
  • ●Follow the staff’s guidance while queuing and keep a distance to other visitors.
  • ●The overall capacity of the venue is kept under strict control. In some cases, we will ask you to wait before you can enter, to keep the limited number of visitors inside. We ask for your understanding.
  • ●Interactions between fans are important, but please keep them to the minimum during the event.
    Be sure to keep yourself safe while returning home as well.
  • ●Please install the COCOA – COVID-19 Contact App to your phone.
  • For other details please check the guidelines on the KYOMAF 2020 official website.