• Workshop
    The popular character “Lascal” and Kyoto’s long-established confectionary store “Kanshundo” will collaborate to hold a Kyoto confectionary workshop at the KYOMAF for both children and adults to enjoy! Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience this unique event!
  • Cosplay Area
    This is an area equipped with changing rooms and backgrounds exclusive to Kyomaf, which has been well received by cosplayers and photographers every year.
    Cosplay Area
    Cosplay Area
  • KYOMAF Digital Stamp Rally
    By scanning the QR codes at the rally spots in the venue and collecting stamps, you can participate in a raffle. You will have a chance to win luxurious prizes such as autographs of the Ambassadors! Please enjoy your visit to the KYOMAF venue.
  • Traditional Arts Workshops
    Workshops giving you the chance to create your own original goods with traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
  • Character Café
    Manga / anime collaboration food and drinks.
  • Gacha Area
    Gacha area was born at KYOMAF!We have prepared items that are unique to KYOMAF and are waiting for you.

*Photos from previous editions. For illustrative purposes.