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Voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto and Aya Yamane have been appointed as ambassadors for “KYOMAF 2024”!
We are pleased to announce that voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto and Aya Yamane will be this year’s Ambassadors!
They will not only help us celebrate “KYOMAF 2024″, but will also help us to promote the event in a variety of ways throughout the duration of the event! Please check out the official website and X.
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My name is Nobuhiko Okamoto. I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as an “KYOMAF 2024” Ambassadors. I am very happy because I love Kyoto’s historical buildings, food, sweets, and the air that flows through the city. I want to come to Kyoto again and again, whether for sightseeing or for work! I am sure you all feel the same way. I will be strolling around the event area, so if you see Okamoto, wave to him. So, everyone, please come to Kyoto!

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Official Site:https://www.raccoon-dog.co.jp/talent/m01-okamoto.html
Official X:https://x.com/ok_nobuhiko



My name is Aya Yamane, and I will be serving as the “KYOMAF 2024” Ambassadors! It is my first time to participate in KYOMAF, and I am very honored to be entrusted with such an important role! Kyoto is a place I love and have visited many times for both personal and professional reasons. I will do my best to create a wonderful event with everyone who will be there and the staff involved! Thank you very much for your kind attention!

Aya Yamane

Official Site:https://www.aoni.co.jp/search/yamane-aya.html
Official X:https://x.com/ayaMiNTgreen