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Voice actors Kent Ito and Rie Takahashi have been appointed as ambassadors for “KYOMAF 2023”!



伊東健人:いとうけんと/Kent Ito

I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as an Ambassador for KYOMAF!
Actually, I participated in KYOMAF last year as well!
After the morning performance, I walked along the Kamo River, ate sweets in Gion, took a train ride, visited the Manga Museum, walked along the Karasuma Street, went up to the Kyoto Tower, and went to the festival…!
I remember it was a very meaningful day, walking around the city of Kyoto for a whole day like this, learning geography and history.
This year, I am an ambassador! So, I will do my best to enjoy the festival as many people as possible!

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Official Twitter: @81pro_official

高橋李依:たかはしりえ/Rie Takahashi

I have often participated in KYOMAF with my works on the stage,
This year is my first time as an Ambassador!
I am looking forward to enjoying the whole of KYOMAF to the fullest!
I hope you will all come and visit !

Official site: https://www.81produce.co.jp/actor_search/index.php/item?id=236
Official Twitter: @81pro_official